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A List of Top Blogs on Travel, Food, Photography & More

At Applied Worldwide we manage several blogs and websites including Applied Worldwide Lifestyle. As we market the content for all of our different websites, we often meet or encounter new blogs and bloggers. Occasionally, we encounter content and creators that we absolutely love. With that said, we put together a list of some of our favorite blogs and are excited to share some incredible content with you all in this list of top blogs on travel, food, photography and more!

JaimeGraceUK’s World Photography and Blogging

JaimeGraceUK’s World is a blog created by Jaime Grace from the United Kingdom. The blog consists of some great experiential content about mental health, and plenty of amazing galleries of photographs to browse. Overall, this is a smaller blog, but some really high quality experiential content.


The Grumpy Olive

The blog is written by Simona, describing herself as having a background in food and drink. The Grumpy Olive offers content related to food, books, and lifestyle. I am always particularly attracted to the food content like their vegan recipes, and mixed drinks. The Grumpy Olive has some really high quality content and deserves a follow.


Not-so-Modern Girl

The Not-so-Modern Girl blog is written by Eleanor, a freelance content writer from Yorkshire, UK. Eleanor produces content related to freelance life, lifestyle, and entertainment. The blog’s tagline is, “Thoughts of a twenty-something girl navigating her way one blood at a time.” Overall there is some great advice and content about professional life and wellbeing.



Querianson is a blog is more of a general blog. According to their story, the author has used the blog for a long time, so there is a wide variety of topics. Despite the broad range of topics, there are some fascinating posts at Querianson. There are some really interesting posts about technology and business.



On the About Us section of the Fuzia blog it explains, “We began Fuzia as a small writing club in 2012, which is today an independent online space for women to connect and create.” Further the blog notes, “The talents that our audience exhibit can be in any form, be it stories, blogs, poetry, photographs, articles, fashion, art, craft, videos, designs or anything else.” Particularly we like Fuzia’s content on education, motivation, and career advice.


Mornings on Macedonia

The Mornings on Macedonia blog contains content related to, “DIY, Decor, and More.” The author describes herself as having a modern farmhouse style. This sense of style shows in the incredible food recipes and decoration tips housed in the blog. Recently Mornings on Macedonia has published an article on Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board. There is content like this and much more at Mornings on Macedonia.


Travels with Stacey

Travels with Stacey is a travel blog written by Stacey from Ontario, Canada. This blog contains some great travel information from Canada and the Northern United States. We really like the blog for learning about Ontario, with content on events, sites, and attractions in the area. Travels with Stacey covers some great outdoor attractions like waterfalls and botanical gardens, we especially enjoy this content.


Our Adventure Journal

Our Adventure Journal is a travel and lifestyle blog run by Kelly T., a full time-professor who is “exploring the world one adventure at a time.” The blog began from scribbles on an adventure list and soon turned into a popular destination for those searching for high quality travel information online. The blog includes travel content on seven countries and 14 states in the US. You will find everything from lists of things to see and places to eat to full-on itineraries to help you plan your travels.


Final Thoughts on Applied Worldwide’s List of Top Blogs

There is a ton of great content out there on the internet. Sometimes that content can be difficult to find. At Applied Worldwide we are regularly interacting with other writers and bloggers. Our list above represents blogs and bloggers that we enjoy following and that we recommend for our own readers. If you like our content at Applied Worldwide Lifestyle, then you may also enjoy the content at JaimeGraceUK’s World Photography and Blogging, The Grumpy Olive, Not-so-Modern Girl, Querianson, Fuzia, Mornings on Macedonia, Travels with Stacey, or Our Adventure Journal.

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