Applied Worldwide Lifestyle Photography of Stephanie walking through White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana

Applied Worldwide Lifestyle Photography

Applied Worldwide co-founders Luke Hanna and Stephanie Wilson are amateur photographers. While neither have professional experience in photography, their adventures lead them to frequent photographic moments. The central themes in Applied Worldwide’s photography are nature, experience, and the feminine essence.

Applied Worldwide Lifestyle Photograph of lavender buds at the Colorado Lavender Festival in Palisade, CO.

Both Luke and Stephanie are sociologists and enjoy observing human interactions. Capturing those moments visually can be difficult and valuable both as sociologists and photographers. Therefore, we attempt to pay these moments as much respect as possible.

Applied Worldwide Lifestyle Photograph of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

In reference to nature, Luke and Stephanie are both from Colorado and enjoy so many outdoor activities. Hiking, camping, fishing, mushroom identifying and much more. Because of these hobbies, we have a lot of photographs of some really exceptional locations.

Applied Worldwide Lifestyle Photograph of group of Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms

Finally, as sociologists we appreciate the feminist perspective, which is often left out of mainstream photography. Therefore, many of our photographs also feature everything that is beautiful about femininity and feminism.

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Applied Worldwide Lifestyle Photograph of Sunflowers on a Mountain Forest Trail