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Indulge in the Colorado Lavender Festival in Palisade, CO

I grew up in Mesa County, and both my parents still reside there, yet it took me 30 years to finally make it to the famous Colorado Lavender Festival!

Palisade, Colorado

An annual event, the Colorado Lavender Festival takes place in Palisade, Colorado every June. Palisade is a small town on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies known for its abundant agricultural contributions. Although famous for its peaches and vineyards, Palisade has even more to offer. From locally owned breweries and distilleries and annual festivals for the town’s multiple harvests to hikes at the nearby Mt. Garfield, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this area year round!

While the Ute Indians were the first to inhabit the area, white settlers eventually made their way to the Western Slope and established the agricultural haven we know today. With the Colorado River running through the area and plentiful run-off from the nearby snow-capped mountains, Palisade came equipped with all the irrigation water required for the miles of established orchards. Coal mining in the nearby DeBeque Canyon was also an early industry that nourished the area’s economy.

However, as coal mining died out agriculture persisted as the dominating industry, eventually bringing a tourism industry for the town’s fruit orchards and wine vineyards.

The Colorado Lavender Festival

One of the many festivals that attract tourists to Palisade from around the state is the Colorado Lavender Festival. The festival is a weekend-long event that includes self-guided tours of lavender farms in Palisade and its fellow Western Slope towns of Paonia and Hotchkiss. Saturday also includes a festival in Riverbend Park with food, booths, crafts, seminars, live music, and more!

The Festival in Riverbend Park

We opted to enjoy a variety of the events, first exploring the festival in the park on Saturday. Booths lined the walkways of the park inviting visitors to purchase farm-made lavender products such as oils, soaps, lotions, and candles. Food trucks also lined the walkways, serving festive treats like lavender lemonade and sorbet. We left the festival with some aromatic lavender oil for both ourselves and my mother-in-law. You can experience a bit of the magic with us in the TikTok video below!

@shellby_the_shuttle Come to the Colorado lavender festival in Palisade with me 💜 #lavendaroil #lavendar #lavendarfarm #lavendaraesthetic #PepsiApplePieChallenge ♬ Pure Imagination – Kathleen

Sage Creations Organic Farm Tour

On Sunday, we opted for a self-guided tour at Sage Creations Organic Farms where my father, a clarinetist, and his violinist and pianist colleagues were hired for live music.

My father, Mick Wilson—a retired music teacher and musician—providing live music at Sage Creations Organic Farms for the Colorado Lavender Festival in 2021

My mom, partner and I arrived ready to take in all the fragrance and colors the farm had to offer. Excited to take all the photos, I brought our Canon 80D camera with us to capture some of the farm’s beauty and abundance.

Sign at Sage Creations Organic Farm for the Colorado Lavender Festival

As it turned out, the farm had experienced some below freezing temperatures late in the season that year, meaning their crops produced quite a bit less than would be typically expected. Even so, the fields blossomed in synchrony and were a treat to be devoured by the eyes!

Lavender fields at Sage Creations Organic Farm for the Colorado Lavender Festival

For the tour, we were free to roam the the designated pathways through fruit orchards, greenhouses, and fields of lavender. The farm did, however, provide a more structured self-guided tour that included educational booths and opportunities to engage in crafting with the flowers for those who desired it. I opted to meander down the pathways and capture as much of my adoration for this farm on camera as possible.

Photos from the Farm

Stephanie posing during the Colorado Lavender Festival
Sage Creations Organic Farm at the Colorado Lavender Festival
Sunflower against blue skies during the Colorado Lavender Festival
Honey bee on lavender blooms at the Colorado Lavender Festival
Luke and Stephanie selfie at the Colorado Lavender Festival
Sage Creations Organic Farm store front with a sign reading "Lavender Lane" for the Colorado Lavender Festival
Honey bee on sunflower at Colorado Lavender Festival
Bouquets of fresh lavender at the Colorado Lavender Festival

Final Thoughts on the Colorado Lavender Festival

In general, festivals centered around agricultural bounties are always exciting to indulge in. You get to experience the crop in creative ways, such as a cup of lavender lemon sorbet, and the energy that such festivals bring to a community is contagious in all the best ways. Palisade, being the annual host of many harvest festivals including the well-attended Palisade Peach Festival, is an absolute expert at hosting these events by now. With that said, if you are in Colorado during late June, the Colorado Lavender Festival is a wonderful event with a variety of options for participating that make it something everyone is sure to enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Colorado Lavender Festival

What is the Colorado Lavender Festival?

The Colorado Lavender Festival is an annual event that celebrates lavender cultivation, products, and the lavender industry in the state of Colorado, USA.

Where and when is the Colorado Lavender Festival held?

The festival is typically held in Palisade, Colorado, a region known for its lavender farms. The exact dates may vary, but it often takes place in late June or early July when lavender is in bloom.

What activities are featured at the Colorado Lavender Festival?

Activities may include lavender farm tours, workshops on lavender cultivation and products, culinary demonstrations, artisan markets, live music, and opportunities for visitors to pick their own lavender.

Why is lavender significant in Colorado and at the festival?

Lavender has become a significant crop in Colorado due to its adaptability to the region’s climate. The festival highlights the economic and agricultural importance of lavender and promotes its use in various products.

Are there educational components to the Colorado Lavender Festival?

Yes, the festival often includes educational components such as workshops and presentations on topics like lavender farming, essential oil extraction, culinary uses of lavender, and the benefits of lavender-based products.

Can visitors purchase lavender products at the festival?

Yes, the festival typically features vendors and artisans selling a variety of lavender products, including essential oils, bath and body products, culinary items, and decorative items made with lavender.

Is the Colorado Lavender Festival suitable for families?

Yes, the festival is often family-friendly, with activities for all ages. Families can enjoy the scenic lavender fields, participate in workshops, and explore the various offerings at the festival.

How does the Colorado Lavender Festival contribute to local tourism?

The festival attracts visitors to Palisade, contributing to local tourism and supporting the lavender industry. It provides an opportunity for attendees to explore the beauty of the region and learn about the cultivation and uses of lavender.

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