Luke Hanna fishing at the Lake City Bridge near Gunnison, Colorado

Fishing the Lake City Bridge near Gunnison, Colorado

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Gunnison, Colorado, is a trout anglers paradise. From trolling for world record Lake Trout, to fly-fishing record breaking browns there are plenty of fishing opportunities in the area. Please check out some of our past posts where I mention my suggested spot for fishing with children in the area, and some of my overall suggested fishing spots. In this post, I want to address fishing the Lake City Bridge near Gunnison, Colorado!

The Lake City Bridge in the Curecanti National Recreation Area is a great place to catch fish if you are shore fishing the Blue Mesa Reservoir from shore.

Where is the Lake City Bridge near Gunnison, Colorado?

The Lake City Bridge is just a few miles out of Gunnison along Highway 50. You simply get on Highway 50 toward Montrose, Colorado for around 5-8 miles and take a left turn toward Lake City/Lake San Cristobal. Just at the end of the bridge there is parking on both the left and right-hand side of the road. You can park on either side, there has been some recent maintenance in these parking areas, so you will find fresh asphalt to park your vehicle.

When is the Best Time to Visit these Fishing Spots near Gunnison, Colorado?

The best season for fishing near Gunnison, Colorado is spring or fall. Winter fishing is a different story and the hot summer months can slow the bite. Fortunately, the Lake City Bridge offers decent fishing all the way from May to October. The reason this spot is valuable is because the Lake City Bridge offers shade and structure for fish. The cover from the bridge and the relatively deep water can offer fish refuge from weather including the heat of summer. The bridge columns and other rocky structures used to build and support the bridge provide a great place for fish to hide.

What Species Can I Catch at the Lake City Bridge near Gunnison, Colorado?

I have heard reports of people catching a wide variety of fish near the Lake City Bridge. The most common fish you will catch will probably be Brown Trout. During my most recent trip to the bridge I caught a nice 15 inch Brown Trout. There are also Rainbow Trout in and around this spot. You may also catch a Perch in this spot. But, the real allure is the chance of catching a coveted Lake Trout or Kokanee Salmon.

Both of these species are mainly caught by boat fishermen, but some locals have reported catching Lake Trout and Kokanee Salmon from the fishing spots near the Lake City Bridge.

What Lures or Baits Should I use when Fishing the Lake City Bridge?

When I fish this spot I use spoons or spinners. If I feel like I need to cover a lot of water, I will use a 1/8 ounce imitation spoon. I have a lot of minnows around the rocks near the bridge, so I try to imitate what I see. Usually, I will use a spoon that looks like a Rainbow or Brown Trout.

I have also had good luck with spinners in this spot. I choose bright colored spinners in pink or chartreuse. I would recommend going to Gene Taylor’s, a local sporting goods store, they have a nice selection of small-brand lures that you will probably not find anywhere else.

In addition to spinners and spoons, you can catch fish in this spot with the bait and wait method. Rig your rod so that the bait is weighted a bit so it sinks, and try different baits until fish start biting. I have personally had good luck with garlic scented baits, and I have heard others that like to use corn scented. Either way, you can catch fish on baits near the Lake City Bridge.

Final Thoughts on Fishing the Lake City Bridge Near Gunnison, Colorado

I mostly want to end this post with a reminder to be respectful when visiting the Lake City Bridge or other fishing spots near Gunnison, Colorado. Be respectful to others, the environment, and the fish. Please pack out everything you take with you fishing, including any of your waste fishing line. And, be sure to abide by all fishing regulations.

Other than that, I wish everyone the best of luck fishing in the area, and I hope some of these tips from my experience are helpful when you go fishing at the Lake City Bridge near Gunnison, Colorado.

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