Photo of the front of Bailey's Discount Center warehouse with large letters reading "American's Bargain Capital" in Northern Indiana.

The Bailey’s Discount Center Shopping Experience

Bailey’s Discount Center is located in an enormous warehouse, accounting for nearly 5 acres of bargain shopping under one roof. It first opened in 1985 and has since grown from a 3,000 square foot warehouse, to a warehouse of over 200,000 square feet. Simply put, this is a place where you can buy any number of household items at an extremely discounted price. This place is a discount shopping adventure.

Where is Bailey’s Discount Center Located?

Bailey’s Discount Center is located in North Judson, Indiana. It is located about 65 miles North of the city of Lafayette and 55 miles South from South Bend where the University of Notre Dame is located. North Judson is a small town located in an agricultural area of Indiana, so it seems “in the middle of nowhere,” but Bailey’s Discount Center markets themselves as the America’s Bargain Capital. Their middle of nowhere location actually works in their favor as manufacturers could sell their closeouts to Bailey’s at discounted prices without upsetting their regular customers

How Does Bailey’s Work?

Consumers get outrageously low prices on goods from Bailey’s Discount Center because the store is getting the goods at a great price as well. The owners of Bailey’s explain that they, “search the world for closeouts, surplus, and discontinued items.” They are then able to acquire those goods at a cost lower than wholesale and pass those savings on to their customers.

This means that as a shopper you do not really know what goods are in the store at any given time until you visit. Their inventory is always changing, but that is part of what makes Bailey’s a great discount shopping adventure. You may know that generally the store carries household items and some light groceries, but you will not know the exact items until you explore the aisles.

What Can You Buy at Bailey’s Discount?

On their website, they advertise selling general merchandise, home furnishings, and flooring and rugs. From our experience, the range is vast and there is probably something for everyone. We generally bought non-perishable food items like canned goods, snacks, and drinks. We also sometimes scored some discounted frozen meat to take home for dinners. Some staple household items that were almost always in stock were toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.

While we were never in the market for new furniture during our visits, they do have some incredible options for those who are. There are discounted mattresses, sofas, dining room tables, office desks, and more. Their rug selection was also always plentiful. Cabinets were also regularly advertised. Although, not having ever bought cabinets through Bailey’s Discount Center, we could not tell you for certain how that process works.

Beyond food, household items, and furniture, there is also a huge selection of indoor home decor, outdoor garden and patio goods, and a light assortment of tools, batteries, and electrical goods. Every so often, you might even find household appliances like a stove on sale for a great price. In general, if you are anywhere close to the area, it is always worth looking at Bailey’s Discount Center to see if they have what you need at an astronomically discounted price.

The Shopping Experience

We visited Bailey’s Discount Center on several occasions throughout our time living in Lafayette, Indiana. It would work out to where we could take one hundred dollars in cash and stock up on enough candles, cleaning supplies, snacks and other items to last an entire semester of graduate school. We made the trip about twice a year once we learned about it from a local farmer at the farmer‘s market.

When you enter the store, it is overwhelming at first. The store was usually busy with lots of customers pushing large shopping carts. The aisles are large enough to accommodate said shopping carts, but it is busy and you may get stuck in shopping traffic at some point. Again, it is an adventure!

Photo of a shopping cart full of goods from Bailey's Discount Center, packed into paper bags.
A photo of our final cart on one occasion at Bailey’s Discount Center

With that said, do not expect a quick trip into Bailey’s Discount Center. Part of the charm is exploring each and every aisle to see what products Bailey’s currently has in stock. If you have an entire afternoon to spare, then Bailey’s is best experienced as a half day event. But, it is worth the time invested because we all buy these types of household goods throughout the year at much higher prices. And that is precisely why it is good to take a trip to Bailey’s once or twice a year and stock up on everyday goods at cheap prices.

Final Thoughts on Discount Shopping at Bailey’s

Overall, I highly recommend a trip to Bailey’s for everyone interested in a good discount shopping experience. Bailey’s might be particularly appealing to students from nearby universities such as Purdue University or the University of Notre Dame who are living on a strict budget. Families in the area will also most certainly be pleased with what they find at Bailey’s Discount Center. If you are anywhere near this bargain shoppers mecca, I hope you decide to make the trip as soon as you can! I promise, you won’t regret it.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bailey’s Discount Center

What is Bailey’s Discount Center?

Bailey’s Discount Center is a retail store known for offering discounted and surplus merchandise. It is located in North Judson, Indiana, and is popular for its wide range of products at affordable prices.

What types of products does Bailey’s Discount Center sell?

Bailey’s Discount Center sells a variety of products, including groceries, home goods, furniture, hardware, clothing, toys, and other discounted merchandise. The inventory may include surplus, overstock, or closeout items.

How does Bailey’s Discount Center offer discounted prices?

Bailey’s Discount Center is known for sourcing its products through various channels, including surplus and liquidation sales. This allows them to offer merchandise at discounted prices compared to traditional retail stores.

Is Bailey’s Discount Center only located in North Judson, Indiana?

Yes, Bailey’s Discount Center is primarily located in North Judson, Indiana. It has become a well-known destination for bargain shoppers in the region.

Are the products at Bailey’s Discount of good quality?

The quality of products at Bailey’s Discount Center can vary, as they often deal with surplus and discounted items. However, many customers find good deals on quality merchandise, and the store has gained a positive reputation for offering value.

Are there specific days or events for special discounts at Bailey’s Discount Center?

Bailey’s Discount Center may have special promotions or discounts on certain days or during specific events. It’s advisable to check with the store directly or visit their website for information on any ongoing promotions.

What is the customer feedback and reputation of Bailey’s?

Customer feedback for Bailey’s Discount Center can vary, but it has gained a positive reputation for providing affordable products. Reviews may highlight the value for money and the diverse range of items available at discounted prices.

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